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About Final Frontier

Final Frontier is a sci-fi action open world video game developed by Studio2 Games. The game will be released world wide in July 2015, for Microsoft Windows and Steam.

Final Frontier takes place in the year 2149, 12 years after the start of the Galactic war between the Human Race and the Astern Race, it was also 85 years after the first fleet of Human spacecraft left Earth in search for reliable resources that were lacking on the home planet. The players squad consists of four Riflemen, a Sniper, Radio Operator, Medic and Heavy Machine Gunner (A 9th squad member is unlockable later in the game). At the main menu the player will find themselves over-viewing the planet RX-552 (Ustarth) and in its orbit 3 spacecraft, one Battle Cruiser named the "Goliath" and two other vessels named the HMS Viper and the USS Valour which both contain and hold 10,000 Humans from Earth, these spacecraft are just three of thousands that left Earth and other home planets eight decades ago.



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